Cruising in the Time of COVID

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I just returned from a 7 nights cruise to Bermuda on the SS. Viking Orion. It was a double experience for me since it was my first time on a Viking Ocean ship and my first time to Bermuda. Both turned out to be a wonderful experience.

As we all know, travel these days is not what it used to be. The preparation can be stressful due to the ever-changing requirements, but I can attest, once you reach your destination, you realize it was worth the trouble.

Four days before my arrival on the island I had to do a PCR test. Upon arrival at the airport in Bermuda I had to do another PCR test and once on board I did one more saliva test. Believe me after all these tests I felt very safe being on a cruise. During the cruise mask was always mandatory everywhere. You had to do a saliva test every morning and have your temperature checked once a day.

The SS. Viking Orion is my kind of ship, sober and elegant. There are many open spaces, lots of light and lots of very inviting sitting areas. It is quite easy to find a lovely intimate, quiet alcove to read a book or even meditate. Cabins are well designed. The bathrooms are really great with heated floors, fog free mirror and glass door to a good size shower. The staff is always eager to help and make sure you are comfortable and happy. Viking Ocean exceeded my expectations.

Now let us talk about Bermuda. It is quite a paradise. The vegetation is lush, and the pastel-colored homes blend very well with the environment. The whole island is extremely clean and as a single woman traveling alone, I felt safe everywhere. I particularly enjoyed meeting the taxi drivers. They all have amazing stories. I spent half a day on a tour of the island with an older driver/guide who authored a book. The book is a compilation of all his personal life stories. He left school at age 13 and started to work for one the luxury hotels. From sweeping the floors he climbed the ladder and became a lifeguard. I got to hear a lot of his stories, and it was not only fun, but also enlightening.

Bermuda is all about colors, blue and green for the ocean, pastel for the homes. It is soft to the eyes and the soul, peaceful and calming. The island is famous for its pink sand and beautiful beaches, but the best are its coves. My favorite was Jepson’s cove. What a sweet little piece of nature!

Bermuda’s economy is based primarily upon international business (especially re-insurance, for which it is now a world center) and tourism. You can tell the island attracts many millionaires. It is only a 1h30 minute flight from New York. For us in Utah it adds a night flight to New York; it is a great option for a long 4-day weekend. The best time to visit if from May to October. There is no monsoon or rainy season.

I will be happy to help you plan a worry-free getaway on a Viking Ocean cruise. Please contact me at (801) 483-6533 or to view my full travel biography, please click this link.

Bon Voyage!

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